The Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In

Hello from Chapter One!  As you may be aware, with the earlier rains, El Mirage Lake Bed is currently closed.  HOWEVER, they still allow use of the non-Lake Bed areas.

So, we are going to have the 2022 KBFFI on the West side of Gyro Cove, and this can be easily accessed via a VERY nice gravel perimeter road.  A map showing where the Fly-In and a video showing the drive from the BLM facility to the side of the Lake where we will have the event is posted below.  There is PLENTY of area to park a car, truck, RV and line up your gyros, well before making contact with the Lake Bed, which is clearly marked by the BLM.

We do not expect a problem with people taking off or landing their gyros or powered parachutes, as long as we stay to the West side of Gyro Cove.  There will be NO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC ALLOWED beyond the posted signs.

It is still possible the BLM will lift the restrictions later this week, but for now, this is the best option and allows all of us to gather together and enjoy the Wonder of Flight!  See you there!

Per the Map and video directions above, once you pass the BLM gate, you want to go onto Mountain View Road. You will come to a 4 way intersection, and turn left onto Colusa (set your trip counter to zero if you want to go by your odometer). The road will go straight for a bit and then bear right, turning into Lake Road.  At around the 5 mile mark, you will have a closed gate directly on your right , and a gravel road that would lead you past a BLM out-house, and onto the Lake just North of Gyro Cove. Do not turn, but continue straight (this maps shows the turn to Gyro Cove if the Lake Bed was open).  You will continue until you get to a White building on your right and a dirt road to your left (about 6.8 miles).  Make a left at that point and you will see where the Lake Bed begins past some posted markers.  This is where we will host KBFFI 2022!